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Scrape Games – Board Games

African famine; Scars made to the skin with a sharp tool such as a knife, glass, stone, or coconut shell to create marks and patterns are an ancient African tribal art. Famine is a long and painful process and is a permanent modification of the body, conveying complex messages about identity and social status.

In West Africa, facial injury has been used to identify ethnic groups, families, individuals, and also to denote beauty; wounds were thought to beautify the body. It was also done in girls to mark the stages of life: puberty, marriage, etc. These scars helped women to make men more attractive because they appeal to looking as well as scars, as evidence that women can withstand labor pain. It is believed to bring people good luck and protection from evil.

Scrape Games; We created a desktop game by applying the famine practice with African symbols on pieces of leather.

In the game, the rules within the tribes will determine the rules of the game and the symbols will determine the meaning of the game. While playing, you will both have fun and experience the difficulties of the tribal life.

All parts are prepared by hand.

Year2018-PresentProject TypeGame DesignDesigner, ArtistAltuğ KarakahyaDesign DeliverablesBranding, Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design, Brand Digital Design, Packaging Design, Photography